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If you have a license of smart forms you can get an equivalent version for this plugin for free. To claim this promotion follow these steps:

1.- Go to and attempt to purchase a license of the same level (you are not going to really purchase it, this will be used just to create your account) using the same email that you used to purchase smart forms.

If you have a personal version of smart forms select “Standard”

If you have a pro version of smart forms select “Pro”

If you have an unlimited version of smart forms select “Diamond”

Selecting a version will take you to another page where generally the plugin is purchased but this time we are just going to use it to create our account.

2.-Fill in your account information and select “PayPal” as payment method (you are not going to need to log into your paypal account or do any payment).

3.- Click in purchase, this will create your account and will direct you to paypal where the actual payment is done but since we are not going to do it you can close this screen. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOG INTO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT OR FINISH THE TRANSACTION

4.- Create a “Presale Question’ at

5.-Inform us that you have a license of smart forms and you want to get a free license of All in one forms

6.- That’s it! we will review your information and create a free license for you =).


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