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Add a field that shows a list of available slots that the user can use to create an appointment. The field can also add restrictions like allowing x number of appointments at the same time or day.

Main Settings

Appointment Duration: The duration of each slot

Time format: 24 or AM/PM

Intervals: The allowed range of times when the users can create appointments. You can create different intervals for different dates (for example you could create different appointment intervals for weekends).

Holiday: Define holidays, no appointments are allowed on holidays

Minimum Date: The minimum date when an appointment is allowed

Maximum Date: The maximum date when an appointment is allowed

Maximum appointments per slot: Define the maximum number of appointments allowed by a single slot

Maximum appointments per day: Maximum number of appointments in a single day

Styling options

With the style designer, you can change stuff like the border background color font, etc

Condition Options

With the conditions builder, you can set up 3 types of dynamic conditions (which are conditions that are triggered when a condition is met):

  • Show hide: to hide or show the field
  • Required: To make the field required


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