AI Box

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A field that contacts chatgpt with a customized prompt and is filled with its result.

For a guide on how to use this field check the ai add-on tutorial

The text box field is just a basic box where the user can input text

Main Settings

AI Type: Define the type of ai to use

Model: Define the model version to use

Generation Type: Define when the text is generated (when clicking a button, when a field is updated or after submit)

Prompt: Define the text to send to chatgpt

Format Response: Format the chatgpt response

Styling options

With the style designer, you can change stuff like the border background color font, etc

Condition Options

With the conditions builder, you can set up 3 types of dynamic conditions (which are conditions that are triggered when a condition is met):

  • Show hide: to hide or show the field
  • Required: To make the field required