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This field has the following settings:

LabelDefine a label for the field
Default TextFill the field with a default value, this setting support formulas
PlaceholderAdd a placeholder description to the input box, this description is removed automatically when the user fills the field.
RequiredMark the field as required
Number of DecimalsThe number of decimals that the field is going to use.
Minimum ValueSet the minimum value supported by the field
Maximum ValueSet the maximum value supported by the field
IconAdd a customizable icon to the field (Click here for more info)
Price TypeDefine a price type for the field
DescriptionAdd a descriptive text bellow the field
TooltipAdd a tooltip to the field

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Im programmer working for an international company. I have programmed since i was 12 and i have done it professionally for 6 years. Programming for a company is fun and i have learned a lot of things but i have always been interested in running my own business so i decided to give it a shot doing what i do best, programming stuffs.
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