Using a Template

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To use a template click in ‘Create New Form’

A pop up will be shown

There are two types of templates

Local Templates: These templates are installed within the plugin.

Online Gallery: Download and install a template from our site

Previewing a Template

To view the form without actually installing it click in “Click here to preview”


Entry Id Formatting

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Each submission has its unique id which by default is a sequential number but you can change it to have a custom format.

1.- Go to settings/Entry Numbering

There are three settings you can change

Number of DigitsThe number of digits that the id is going to do. For example if the next number is 1 and you configure it to have 5 digits the next number will be 00001
PrefixA text to add before the number, this option support tags.
SuffixA text to add after the number, this option support tags.

Changing the next id number

The count start with 1 but you can define which number is going to be the next by clicking change and define the next number


Adding a form to a post

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There are two ways of adding a pos

1. Using a shortcode

To add the form using a shortcode go to Pricing Forms and copy the content of the shortcode column

Paste the shortcode in a page or post

And that’s it! The form will be added to this page.