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Do you want to create more than just a contact form? If so check us out. You will be amazed by how easy is to create even the most difficult form.



Everything you need to customize your form

+4 Fields at your disposal

Fields are like your tools. The more you have the more options you get to create your perfect form.
That's why you will be getting more fields constantly.

Tons of add ons

There is an add on for almost anything you want to do and if not we create it.

Advanced Formulas and Conditions

You can't create a complex form easily without a great formula and condition builder.
That's why we invested hundreds of hours in creating the best formula/condition builder.
You can do almost anything including retrieving information from a third party software or another form!

Priority Support and Development

Would you like something added to the plugin? Share your idea and make it happen. Sometimes a request is implemented the next day!

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Our Features

Form builder crafted for you

We have features that no one else has that will remove the pain of creating forms, for example:

Field templates: So you don't need to recreate the same field over and over again in all your forms.

Copy-paste across forms: Quickly copy fields from other forms in your new form.

Tons of fields

We want to help you design your forms exactly as you want them, and for that you need a good variety of fields and features. That is why we currently have almost 50 fields and we keep adding more every month!

Style Designer

Use the style designer to change the appearance of each field. No need to learn complex stuff like css.

Advanced Conditions

You can create conditions to change the field behavior. Like for example making the minimum date of a date picker be 2 days greater than the date of another date picker.

Conditional Logic

While most of the other plugins just have conditions to show or hide fields we go way beyond that and offer you conditions to do stuff like validating a field or changing the final price


Control how many times a form can be filled or a value submitted with restrictions

Flash Edition

Configure each field comfortably and in seconds using flash edition. With flash edition you can edit the labels of each field directly instead of using the settings panel.

Formula Support

Do you want to do a complex calculation to define a price or validate something? Fear not, that can be done using formulas.

With formulas you can also do very crazy stuffs (and without coding anything!) like using shortcodes or values from other forms.

Priority support and development

We not only offer you the best support but also the best developers. Do you want something added in the plugin? Just let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. We sometimes have the new feature added the next day!

Our add ons

There is an add on for all your needs

Paypal and stripe support

Convert your form into a paypal or stripe payment form


Attach the uploaded files to the emails that the plugin send

Auto Save

Automatically save the filled fields so the users can continue filling the form at another time


Show a summary of the filled fields before doing the submission. Great for big forms.


Create a pdf using the entry information and attach it to an email


View the previously submitted entries and export them as pdf or csv

Register Users

Create a user with the roles, meta and configuration that you want when a form is submitted.

Google Sheet

Send the entry to a google sheet automatically


Show the entry information in other pages


Add a customized product to the WC Cart after a form is submitted.

Automation and Workflows

Automate stuff like sending emails, or editing a form after an action is performed such like when a form is submitted or after a customer click on a button.

You can also create your own workflows like for example approving an entry and sending an email only after a user reviewed it.


Integrate your form with thousands of other applications using zapier

Lookup Field

Create fields that are filled using information from different sources like other forms, the user data or another service.

Field templates

Create customized versions of a field or group of fields and add them to other forms with just one click.

Translations (coming soon)

Integrate your forms with translations plugins like wpml and poco translate to display your form in the right language.

Didn't find the add on you needed

The add ons are created on demand so if you didn't find the one you needed just let us know and we will work in adding it.

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