Change font

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You can also change the font that is used to generate the pdf. To do so do these steps:

1.- Open the pdf designer and go to Settings and click in ‘Font’

2.- Click in Add new font

3.- Upload the font file that you want to use (you can find fonts for free in places like google fonts)

4.- (Optional). Add the bold, italic and bold italic font variation, these are needed only if you want to display text in bold or italic

4.- In the dropdown “Font to use” select the font that you uploaded

That’s it! Now when the font is created it will be created using the font that you selected.


Creating multiple pages template

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To create a multiple-page template go to the template designer and click on the plus sign

This will add a new blank page to the template that you can design.

You can move to the other pages by clicking the arrows

Also, you can remove a page by clicking in the trash can


Creating a pdf

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If you have the pdf add-on you can create a pdf with the submitted information and attach it to an email or view it in the entries screen. To create a pdf do the following

1.- Go to All in one forms / PDF

2.- Click on “Create new pdf”

3.- Select a form and a template

4.- Design the pdf as you want it, you can use the drag-and-drop designer to configure everything in your pdf template

And that’s it, once you save the pdf will be automatically attached to the emails of your form.

You could also go to the entries screen and view the pdf directly from there

If you want you can use the demo site to configure a form and pdf and see how it works.