Using formulas to calculate a price

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The plugin comes with several preconfigured ways to calculate prices but if you want to create your own calculation you can use the price type “Formula”

Selecting that option will open the formula builder

In here you can put your formula, most of the times your formula will just be an arithmetical operation but you can do a lot more things like adding conditions (explained in another tutorial).

You can click on the add field button to add one field to your formula

The add function button will let you add useful operations like rounding a number

Every time you do a modification to the formula the plugin will automatically validate it and will let you know if there is any error with it


Getting Started with Price Calculation

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The plugin was made in a way that adding prices is very easy but also very customizable. You can do almost any kind of calculation but most of the times you will just need to select an option and the plugin will do the rest as explained next.

All the fields can calculate prices in different ways also each field can have more than one type of calculation, here are a few example:

  • The checkbox and dropdown boxes can have different prices for each option

  • The paragraph can calculate a price for each typed character

The numeric field can use the number typed as the price of the field

To add a price to a field go to its settings and configure its price type, depending on the type of field that you are configuring this field will have different options.

You can also configure if you want to show the price bellow the field or not with the “Hide Price” option.

Field showing the price
Field Hiding the price

Also, if you want to display the total price (which is the sum of all the fields that have a price) you can use the total field

And that’s it, now you can save and your form will do the calculations that you configured.

But what if you want to do more complex calculations? Like complex arithmetical operations or conditional calculations? That can be done with the price type “Formula” which is going to be explained in another tutorial.