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There are two types of filters

  • Fixed filters: These filters are always applied and the user viewing the page can’t remove them. These filters are useful when you want to allow the users to see only specific records, for example, the entries they have submitted.
  • Dynamic Filters: In this kind of filter you let the users decide what they want to search, for example, if you have a text box field you could add it as a dynamic filter and let the user search records with a specific text in it.

Adding fixed filters

To add a fixed filter do the following:

1.- Go to the page designer/ Settings /Form and Filters

2.- Click in ‘Click here to add your first filter’

3.- Define the filter, you can see up a filter the same way as you set up a Conditional Logic. In the example below the page will show only the records submitted by the user viewing the page

Adding Dynamic Filters

To create filters that the user can change do the following steps

1.- Add a search bar block to your page

2.- In the search bar settings click on ‘Add Field’

3.- Select the field you want to add in the search bar (you can add multiple if you want) and the Comparison type. In the example below the plugin will search all the records where the field called ‘Text box’ contains the text the user is searching.

That’s it! for each field you add the plugin will add an element in the search bar that your users can use to perform the search.


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