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Each field have different preconfigured ways of calculating a cost called “Price Type”. You can also use formulas to do a custom calculation.

To define a Price Type go to the field settings and select a “Price Type”

Each field has different kinds of “Price Type”, bellow you can find a list of all of them and what each one does.

Fixed AmountDefine a fixed price for the field, this amount is going to be added to the total if this field is filled
Current ValueThe amount typed in the field is going to be added to the total
Price per wordDefine a price for each word typed in a field
Price per charDefine a price for each character typed
QuantityThe current total (or subtotal) of the form is going to be multiplied by the value of this field.
OptionsDefine a price for each option of a field (like each item of a dropdown or checkbox list)
NoneDon’t use this field to calculate a total
Price per distanceUsed by the google maps field, define an addres and calculate a price depending on the distance (miles/kilometers or meters) between that point and the address defined by the user.
Price per ItemUsed by the list and repeater field, define a price for each item added in those fields
Price Per DayUsed by the date range field, calculate the number of days between two dates and calculate a price for each day.
Quantity Per DayUsed by the date range field, calculate the total/subtotals of a field and then multiply it by the number of days between two dates.
FormulasDefine a custom formula to calculate a price

Creating subtotals

It is possible to have different sections calculating subtotals and at the end display a grand total. This can be done using the group and repeater fields. The calculations done in these fields are done independently and they are added at the end to calculate a ‘Grand Total’


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