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With the WooCommerce add-on, you can configure a form to add a product to the WC Cart after the form is submitted. To do so follow these steps.

How it works

1.- After installing and activating the WooCommerce add-on go to the WooCommerce tab of the form that you want to use. Then click on “Enable”

2.- Select a type:

Always add the same WooCommerce Product: With this option, you will also select a WC Product and the form will always add the selected product after the form is submitted.

The user will add a product from a list: In this option, you should add a WooCommerce field in your form (this field is explained in another tutorial but basically is a dropdown with a list of WC products that you configured) and the plugin will add the product that the user selected to the WC cart.

3.- Select what will happen after the form is submitted (either send to the cart, checkout or just don’t do anything special and do the same as any other form would do like sending a success message).

4.- Configure the “Process entry on status” field. The form will be processed (this means that the entry will be added to the entries screen and the emails configured in the form will be sent) when the WC order reaches that status.

Configuring a dynamic price for the WC Product

The price of the product will be determined by the total price calculated by the form, to learn how to make a form calculate a price check this tutorial

And that’s it, when the user submits a form the product will be added to the cart, this product will also show the selected options below the product name


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